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Gooey Choc Brownie


Like many of you I have anticipated the approach of the dreaded Easter and its myriad of chocolate eggs with a sense of trepidation every year.

I have worked through my cravings, diet and lifestyle over the years and now I can safely walk past the trillions of Easter eggs on the shelves in the super markets.

Many of you are just starting your health journeys, I understand your struggles as I have been there myself, and I wanted to create a healthy recipe to help you get through the Easter festivities. 

So here is my Gooey Brownie Recipe. I am super proud and excited about this recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as hubby and I did. 

In fact we enjoyed it a little too much. In my opinion over eating a little of this, is much better for your hips than even 1 mini chocolate egg. 


P2 Gooey Brownie - Copyright Gourmet Spice Kits 

2 tbsp dutch cocoa powder 
2 scoop choc protein powder ( If you don't have choc, you could try using a vanilla protein powder )
3/4 tsp soda bicarb 
1 tbsp erythritol ( adjust if you want it sweeter)
200gm apple tin (coles brand- I use this brand as it's less acidic) (ardmona is also okay to use- you might just find it a little acidic)
1tsp vanilla essence. 
Pinch of pink Himalayan salt 

Whisk together with a beater in a bowl. It's okay to have a few bits of apple that remain chunky.

Split the above mix into 4 small ramekins and prepare to cook. Depending on size of ramekin used, cooking time may vary. 

Cook airier 160C for 8 mins 
Cook in preheated oven 160C for 8 minutes. 

Use skewer to check. Having the middle a little under baked and runny gave it a nice chocolatiness and sauciness. 

P2 - serve with 1 dollop of cream. 

P3 - serve with a dollop of Philly cream cheese 

Recipe makes 4. 

P2 Each is 50% protein serve and 25% fruit serve 

P3 Each is 25% protein serve and 25% fruit serve

Some people do stall on cocoa. 

Copyright Gourmet Spice Kits 

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