KETO Blends

Keto Diet is gaining popularity world wide. 

While there is so much out there, it can get confusing to know whats healthy or not and what will be suitable on your Keto Diet. 

All our blends are all natural. Completely Sugar Free. We do not add any carbs or flours to our range. 

If you are strict and like to track macros, you can have a look at the nutritional panels on the individual blends list. 

Basically all our blends are suitable on a KETO DIET

Some of our most popular ones being

1. Everything Bagel Blend

2. Satay Chicken

3. Kentucky Chicken

4. French Onion

5. Tandoori

6. Thai Green Curry

7. Kansas BBQ Ribs

8. Smoky Beef and Bacon Casserole

9. Butter Chicken