Lifestyle Smoothie Bowl Kits

This range has been created by founder of Gourmet Spice Kits Jaya John specifically to encourage a healthy eating lifestyle. Having struggled with my weight for years, finally managed to get  25 kilos off. Last but not the least the most important part is keeping the weight off and making sensible choices on a day to day basis. 

This range includes our Smoothie Bowl Kits, Latte Range and Chai Blends.

The most convenient part is that you don't need a seperate kit to do each of the above. One kit can be enjoyed in different ways. The smoothie bowl lover can use the Smoothie Bowl recipes provided, the caffeine sensitive or warm drink lover can enjoy the Latte Range and Chai Blends. 

These kits are perfect for creating anything your creative mind can think of! Its a fabulous way to incorporate fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and healthy fats in to your day. 

Look no further, if you are thinking of a unique present to give your mum, friend, sister in law, mother in law etc or if you simply want to create fb/instagram-worthy food ;)

Who says healthy eating is hard or boring?