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This pack consists of the finest selection of our Exotic Spice Blends. 


-20 flavours * 50gm Spice Kits

- Includes 1 of each flavour

-This pack will last you at least a year. 

-Will allow you to cook 2 to 2.5 kilos of protein out of each kit

- If you are looking to do a pantry clean out and stock up with pure spices then this would be perfect for you. 

- Do you find that you can't please everyone when you cook?  With this pack that problem will be solved, there is a flavour for every member. You entire family will be spoilt for choice with these flavours.  

- With the easy to follow recipes your kids or hubby can easily sort a meal out for themselves and you can give yourself a break from the kitchen. 

- Ditch the recipe books and you can still have a different flavour for every week day of the month.

- After pay interest free payments now available as well.

Wondering what you can you make for your family and friends?

The CHOICE is easy! They won't believe it is home cooked. 

Whats different about Gourmet Spice Kit? 


* Recipe cards included/Use your imagination

* Each spice pack is 50 gms

Each 50 gm flavour will cook 3 to 3.5 kgs of meat

* Flexibility to use with Protein of your choice 

* Flavoursome healthy eating at your finger tips

* Create home cooked restaurant quality meals without the junk

* Flavours Include


1. Butter Chicken

2. Beef Madras

3. Roghan Josh

4. Massaman Thai

5. Tuscan Spice

6. Malay Laksa

7. Moroccan Tagine

8. Tandoori Chicken

9. Korma

10. Chicken Tikka

11. Kansas Spice 

12. Ultimate Pork Rub

13. Texas Spice Rub

14. Mango Chicken

15. French Onion

16. Satay Chicken 

17. Chilli Con Carne

18. Teriyaki 

19. Smoky Beef and Bacon 

10. Thai Green Curry 

Specify your program when ordering and suitable recipe card will be e mailed.

While we take care not to add Gluten, Sugar, Dairy or Nuts we cannot provide a 100% allergen free guarantee.  

If you have allergies please e mail me before placing your order. 

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