Lavender Honey

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Lavender Honey 

Lavender Honey is among the most prized varieties of honey. This premium honey has a faint, floral aroma and taste, and a subtle fruitiness that grows with the finish. It's light color and gentle flavor notes make it particularly complementary in mild tea and as a sugar substitute in baking.

This Honey is 100% Natural and Organic. Straight from the hive to the bottle. Our honey is not heat treated. 

It is available in 500gm bottle. 

Give a Gift or Make A Hamper.

Looking for the perfect gift or something unique? The Lavender Honey is perfect for anyone who likes Australian-made goodness. 

How is Lavender Honey made? 

Lavender honey is made by the bees that frequent the gorgeous purple-budded bushes growing near their hives.


Lavender Honey tastes divine laced over ice-cream, poached fruit, oatmeal or as a topping on a special dessert of your choice like cheesecakes

Great for waffles, French toasts, pancakes, on toasted fruit bread. Spoon over poached fruits like pears, or straight on to figs and raspberries for a delicious dessert. 

Create simple delicious meals at home by glazing Salmon, Chicken with our Lavender Honey. In combination with our Tuscan Rub this combination is a match made in heaven. 

If you are anything like me you can simply enjoy it by the spoonful(s) or as a topping with icecream/yoghurt with some roasted pistachio nuts. 

Try it in your tea or smoothies. Add to your muesli, porridge, oats, yoghurt or just enjoy a spoonful or more just on its own. Or simply enjoy a Lavender Honey Lemonade on a hot summer day. 

 Bake yourself some treats like cookies, shortbread, cupcakes with this delicious honey.