Affiliate Program

Welcome to Gourmet Spice Kits Affiliate Program - earn up to 15% commission on any order placed by your friends and family. 

Do you love our spices? 

If so, simply help us spread the word. Share the love with your family and friends and we will generously reward you with up to 15% commission when orders are placed using your own unique referral link. 

What do I need to do? 

Simply share your positive experience with your friends and family on Facebook, Instagram or any social media platform of your choice with your unique link, all orders placed under your link will earn commission. 

How will I know when an order is placed? 

When you sign up to our affiliate program, you will get your own unique link. Simply share this link when you talk about your positive experience with us and our products. All orders placed using your unique link will be tracked to your unique link. 

Is there a lock in period? 

No, there is no lock in periods, contracts, you simply share when you feel like it and as often as you like. 

How will I get paid? 

You will receive up to 15% commission on all orders placed using your link. We will be in touch with you monthly to provide you with a store credit that you can use on any products of your choice on our online store. You can also choose to accumulate the credit to obtain a Gift Voucher/s that can also be used by yourself or gifted to friends, family or colleagues for any occasion or bank transferred to you

Business Affiliates will be paid monthly via pay pal or bank transfer- A business affiliate is classified as any registered business that affiliates with us. 

How do I Join? 

Simply click on the JOIN NOW button below and log into your account with us and you will be provided with your very own unique link when the set up process is completed.