BBQ Lovers Gift Pack

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Want to give a gift that is thoughtful, yet different, budget friendly and that will get used?

Look no further than our gourmet gift packs. Let's face it these days everyone has everything, so finding that unique gift is always a struggle. We take the hassle out and provide you with some simple, elegant, gourmet gift packs. 

Food is a very important and necessary part of our lives. We use food for a variety of different purposes and the food that we choose to eat is selected because of a variety of different influences. Food also plays an important role in our Celebrations! Our delicious Gift Packs will not go unnoticed or unappreciated

We have gift packs to suit all occasions, Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, House Warming, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Teachers Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Stocking Fillers, we have you covered. 

The BBQ Lovers Gift Pack - The Aussie Barbie is a huge tradition in our culture, we love them. We look forward to our weekend breaks and the great Aussie barbie is such a part of our leisure time.

 We invite friends and family to our homes or we go to theirs and we share some chops, steaks or sausages over a beer, wine or a champagne every chance we get.

This pack is perfect for anyone who loves their barbies 

This pack includes 3 of our Best Selling BBQ Blends 

- Texas Rub ( suitable for chicken, beef, lamb, seafood, pork )

- Teriyaki ( suitable for lamb, beef, chicken, pork, seafood)

- Smokey Beef ( suitable for chicken, beef, lamb, and pork)

(The flavours in this pack are set and cannot be changed) If a flavour is sold our an alternate rub will be sent.