Creamy Lemon Chicken

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The HEALTHY WINTER LIFESTYLE RANGE is a range launched for WINTER 2021, focusing on helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle long term. 

This range will help you create for you and your family delicious dishes that are not restrictive. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging for many long term. Many slip back into old habits as they are unsure how to incorporate healthy eating into their daily lifestyle, without feeling restricted. 80% of our healthy lifestyle comes from what we choose to nourish our bodies with. We can't out run a bad diet but this range focuses on eating healthy without feeling restricted. 

This range focuses on enjoying all your winter favourite meals, in a healthy manner, without feeling restricted. Allowing you to create and enjoy balanced meals with your family. 

I have been working on these flavours for the last 6 to 12 months to perfect them and to fill a void in the industry for some delicious, clean, tasty, spice kits that the whole family can enjoy. 

This range is a mix of my personal favourites and also special requests from my lovely supportive customers for additional new flavours. 

I am excited to announce the launch of The Healthy Winter Lifestyle Range 

Bringing to your kitchen 4 New Exciting Flavours from around the world that Jaya has put her creative flare and healthy spin to.

Not only have I removed the nasties found in the supermarket versions of these blends but I have also ensured that they are full of flavour, easy, healthy and yummy. They will certainly soon become family favourites.

This range is also FREE from Gluten, Wheat, Fillers, Sugar, Additives, Preservatives, Artificial Colours, MSG. Low in sodium, Diabetic Friendly and also Low Carb, Keto friendly.

The Moroccan Chicken Curry and Creamy Lemon Chicken Spice Kits are also AIP (Autoimmune) friendly. 

So meet the star here

1. Creamy Lemon Chicken-MILD   has well and truly become my favourite of the Healthy Winter Lifestyle Range.

Creating this kit and recipe made me realise that simple spices when combined in the right proportions and combination can produce delicious flavours. Creating this kit proved my taste buds wrong in many ways.  It was also a relief to the palate to taste something other than a stew or curry that is tomato based.

It was delicious, giving me the flexibility to easily bulk and load with plenty of veggies and protein to create a hearty meal. 

I hope you enjoy the delicious flavour this dish has to offer. We have done the  hard work for you and perfected this Creamy Lemon Chicken Spice Kit. I hope you enjoy my kit and it's flavours. 

Ingredients: garlic, onion, turmeric, salt, lemon peel. 




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