The Gourmet Soup Kit

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SOUP is primarily a liquid  food served cold or hot. 

Soups are not only popular in winter for their warming and comforting nature. They are also used when people feel under the weather and know for their nutritious benefits. 

Soups can be made 2 ways, thick or clear. 

Soups are also versatile to use left overs, bulk meals and also to hide veges from our fussy toddlers. 

Prepare to be bowled over by our nourishing soups and tasty flavours. 

I have put together a combo of our most popular kits for soups. 


This pack includes 10 Kits that make 20 Delicious Soups, that are popular, family friendly and favorites for autumn/winter. 

This This Pack Includes 10 Delicious Kits + E-book with 21 recipes of all the popular winter soups. 

This kit is perfect if you like the idea of the following soups

1. Malay Chicken Soup 

2. Malay Laksa

3. Tom Yum Soup 

4. Korean Beef Noodle Soup 

5. Korean Beef Sour Soup

6. Ramen

7. Ranch Meat ball soup

8. Lemon Greek Chicken Soup 

9. Greek Lemon Beef Soup 

10. Thai Green Curry Soup 

11. Thai Green Curry Coconut Curry Soup 

12. Massaman Thai Immune Boosting Soup 

13. Massaman Thai Cauliflower Soup 

14. Vietnamese Meat Ball Soup

15. Cream of Mushroom Soup 

16. PHO - Recipe on the pack

17. French Onion Chicken Soup 

18. French Onion Lentil Soup

19. Moroccan Chicken Soup 

20. Moroccan Pea and Ham Soup

21. Singapore Noodle Curry - recipe on the back 


The following kits feature in this pack 

1. Greek Obsession Spice Kit

2. Malay Spice Kit

3. Ranch Spice Kit

4. Korean Beef Spice Kit 

5. Massaman Thai Spice Kit

6. Thai Green Curry Spice Kit

7. Pho Sure Spice Kit 

8. Moroccan Spice Kit

9. French Onion Spice Kit

10. Singapore Noodle Spice Kit

This This Pack Includes 10 Delicious Kits + E-book with 21 recipes of all the popular winter soups