The Flavour X-Plosion Pack

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The Flavour X-Plosion Package.  This is perfect for you if you are a flavour lover or a novice to cooking. It includes 39 different spice kits to transform and delight your pantry. 

Variety is the essence of life right! 

All the packs come with recipes. 

Now be honest, Do you have  the time to waste to look for recipes or blend different spices to perfection? 

I call this is a pantry transformation pack. This pack will transform your cooking and pantry, with a kit to make every possible dish you can think of.  I transformed my health with these flavours and I hope this will help you transform yours too. 

You will be able to make Curries from around the world, Soups, Rubs for the BBQ, Family Roasts, Casseroles, Dips, Stews and Stirfry's. 

We are the only business in Australia to offer such a variety of clean blends, that will truly transform your pantry and cooking. 

All our blends are FREE from Gluten, Sugar, Flours, Fillers, Preservatives. 

They are Low Carb, Keto and Vegan Friendly. 

* You will not need multiple spices to create each dish

* Each kit is perfectly balanced to create every dish you can think off.

* Each kit comes with a easy to follow recipe card

* You can get creative and use your imagination. 

* It's hugely time saving - Who has the time to look for recipes or blend spices to perfection? 

* We Have done all the hard work for you

Transport your taste buds across the globe. East or West we have you covered. Travel to Texas, Portugal, India, Morocco, Asia, Malaysia, Italy, Thailand, Middle East, Hungary, Greece from the comfort of your kitchen. 


Flavours Include

1 - Butter Chicken

2 - Korma Curry 

3 - Sugar Free Chai 

4 - Tuscan Carbonarra Spice

5 - Kansas Spice

6 - Texas Spice

7 - Ultimate Pork Ribs Rub

8 - Swedish Rissoles 

9 - Roghan Josh

10 - Tandoori

11 - Thai Yellow Curry

12 - Malay Laksa Curry

13 - Massaman Thai

14 - Mango Curry

15 - French Onion 

16 - Chicken Tikka

17 - Kentucky Chicken 

18 - Smoky Beef and Bacon 

19 - Teriyaki 

20 - Mexican Fajitas

21 - Thai Green Curry

22 - Satay Chicken 

23 - Greek Obsession

24- Taco Chilli Con Carne

25- Korean Beef

26 - Guilt Free Ranch

27- Creamy Lemon Chicken 

28- Buffalo Wings -N- Things

29- Pho - Sure

30- Thai Red Curry

31- Middle Eastern Kebabs

32- Keto Bagel Blend

33- Pho Sure

34 - Chunky Stroganoff

35 - Moroccan Chicken Curry 

36- Thai Plum Pork

37- Philly Pepper Steak

38- Singapore Noodles

39- Thai Basil Cashew Stirfry