Jaya Special Recipes, P3 -

Brocolli Cheese Toast

Blitz 1 brocolli in a blender so its fine but not puree
-in a bowl mix the brocolli with 1 egg, 1 1/2 tbsp of cumin, chilli flakes to taste, salt and pepper to taste
-Divide the mixture into 4 portions if you like a thinner toast or 2 portions if you want a thicker toast
- Heat a pan on the stove using a little bit of butter or oil
Place 2 portions on the pan and flatten and shape into a square using a wooden spoon
Cook until one side is completely brown and egg is cooked through and holds the base
Flip and cook the other side
When both sides are cooked you should be able to hold the bread up with the wooden spoon without it crumbling.
Grate 35 gm of cheese and top one side of the toast with it and place the other side of the toast on top and continue grilling till the cheese melts
Cut in half and serve
Enjoy with a poached egg or fried egg for breakfast
Enjoy with 100gms of protein of your choice for lunch or dinner

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