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Stuffed Chilli Con Carne Egg Plant

Stuffed Chilli Con Carne Egg Plant - if you don't have chilli con carne, you can use Moroccan, schezuan, kansas, texas rubs
Line a tray with baking paper
Season with salt and pepper.
Cut eggplant in half and place with white facing upwards and Spray lightly with oil
Season the tops with salt, pepper
Place in over at 180 c for 40 to 50 minutes ( depends on size of egg plant)
2 tbsp of oil
5 cloves of garlic
2 onion finely diced
3 tbsp of chilli con carne spice mix
Chilli to your taste if you like it hot
3 tbsp of chicken stock powder and cook well.
Dice 300 gms of mushroom and add to this mix and cook well
Add 1 kg of meat mince (I used beef) and cook well
One cooked stir through some passata sauce only 2 -3 tbsp don't make it too watery.
Check egg plant if centre is soft take out of oven. Scoop the centres out into a bowl.
Weigh your meat mix for 5 potions and mix the scooped out egg plant mix with the meat.
Fill the eggplant with the mixture you just made and sprinkle with 20 gms of cheese. ( of you have too much mixture you can freeze it)
Return to oven for another 5-10 minutes
Take out and serve as is or with a tablespoon of yoghurt mixed with a dash of cumin. Or with some smashed avocado and sour cream
Enjoy !!!

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