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Sweet Chilli Apple Egg Salad

Sweet Chilli Apple Egg Salad - God this combo sounds strange 😂 but I must have enjoyed it.

Made with home made Sweet Chilli Ginger Sauce

Sweet Chilli Sauce with Ginger

1 cup of passatta sauce
1/4 cup of chilli flakes ( amount of chilli may vary depending on hotness of chilli so adjust accordingly) 
1/4 cup stevia
2 tbsp of crushed ginger.

Boil together in a pot for 5 minutes.

Adjust spices and sugar to your taste. So you can make it hotter or sweeter based on your taste.

The passatta I use is from Aldi, I'm sure you can get it from woollies or coles as well. Check the ingredients make sure it's 99.9 to 100% tomatoes

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